Green Material Verification

Our ECO-Verified Building Materials Directory was created for one reason: to assist the systems-built manufacturer and buyer in finding products they can be certain are green-verified.

Component, manufacturers and materials suppliers benefit because we verify that their products are substantiated and have the objective evidence verifying their green claims.
Here’s the process by which TRA-Green qualifies ...
  1. Systems-built manufacturers as being eco-verified, and...
  2. Components manufacturers and materials suppliers as offering products that meet standards and have a certification justifying green attributes.
To register with TRA-Green and be listed in our ECO-Verification Materials Supplier Directory ...
  • Fill out the listing signup online or call us at (574) 333-3302.
  • You’ll be listed automatically – at no charge – in the category you indicate.
To be verified by TRA-Green and listed in our ECO-Verified Materials Supplier Directory or our "Green-Capable" Manufacturers Honor Roll ...
  • We contact you after you’ve filled out the “contact us” form or have called us at (574) 333-3302 to register.
  • We request certification and/or any other documentation proving your green claims – laboratory reports, test reports, product spec sheets, product literature, engineering and design specs, purchasing and manufacturing process data.
  • You send us this documentation along with a signed contract and a specified advance payment of our fee.
  • Our engineers review your documentation and evaluate it.
  • Once you’re accepted as an eco-verified materials supplier provider, you pay the remainder of the fee and are listed in our ECO-Verified Directory, in the appropriate category, or, if you're a systems-built manufacturer, in our Honor Roll.
For further details, complete either ECO-Verified Materials form or the Green Capable Manufacturer form
Contact us or call (574) 333-3302.