Why Become Green Capable?  

You may know you’re green, environmentally speaking. But how do buyers know it?

That’s where we come in – to lend the kind of credibility only an independent, internationally accredited, third-party certifier can provide.

We’re definitely independent. We’re backed as well by decades of international experience and accreditation in certifying Quality Management Systems, including those with environmental aspects.
Systems-built manufacturers benefit because we certify that they have the processes, materials, and components in place to produce a green home. We certify manufacturers as being “green-capable".

Systems-built manufacturers benefit from being able to sell a home they know lives up to the green rating systems and criteria. 
Becoming "green" further...
  • enhances your credibility with buyers
  • puts you a significant step above any other competitor whose products are not green
  • is an effective marketing tool that can help you increase market exposure, awareness – and sales
  • helps you establish solid, mutually beneficial relationships with other green manufacturers and suppliers in the modular-home industry
  • allows you to command top dollar for your assemblies, components, or materials by virtue of their greater energy-efficiency and environmental sustainability as well as their generally higher quality
  • may qualify you for state, local, and/or federal tax credits.
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