Why Build Green?   

Because...  What is green?
  • More and more people – inside the systems-built industry and out – believe building green is the right and responsible thing to do.
  • Public demand for green structures is on the rise.
  • To minimize environmental impact, a green structure incorporates environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the assembly and development process.
  • The design, construction, and operation of a structure focuses on energy and water efficiency, resource-efficient building design and materials, and indoor environmental quality.
  • A green structure takes into account the entire structure’s overall impact on the environment.
  • Building green gives you marketing leverage in the systems-built industry.
  • Green structures are of higher quality because they use more durable and healthy materials.
  • State, local, and/or federal tax credits and rebates are available to those who build green and those who buy green.
When  materials and components are independently, third-party-verified green by us, the benefits of building green are significantly maximized. We’ll prove it. Contact us or call us at (574) 333-3302.
For Environmental Protection Agency references and verification click here http://www.epa.gov/greenbuilding/pubs/whybuild.htm